Teas. We offer the finest of loose leaf teas!

Whatever your tea style may be, we're sure to have a tea blend that's perfect for you! And if we don't? No worries! Since we're ever expanding our USDA certified organic line, we'll be sure to add one just for you! (Many of our teas are Kosher, too! L'chaim!)

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Tisanes. We carry a delicious array of herbal tea blends!

Whether you're looking for something to soothe the soul, aid your health, or a combination of both, we're bound to carry what you need. Don't know quite what you're looking for? Don't fret! From fabulous flowers to healing herbs to savory spices, we offer plenty of information to help you stay informed.

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And more. Soaps, recipes, party tips, crafts, and life hacks happen here!

Life is meant to be lived enthusiastically - with fire, passion, and grace - which is something we strive for every day! We give back to the community by making our soaps available as a profitable fundraiser. We share with you what we've found to be the best of organic, non-gmo, and heirloom products available. We welcome you into our kitchen and our craft zone because we simply wouldn't want it any other way!

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Why Tea Rhapsody?

It was always said of me that I was born with a cuppa tea in my hand. I can remember my first tea parties with the Fairies as my guests. We had fresh-water tea and made mud pies and scones. I would ask them about the flowers and trees and the fairies would whisper Mother Earth's sweet mysteries to me.

As I grew older, wise women would teach me the ways of days gone by: The ways of speaking to the plants & herbs, and listening, too. I learned the reasons for tea and tisanes and tinctures; and, ever desired to teach others the same.

Many now know what tea can do. Others are awakening to the powers contained in the herbs and spices used. Yet, it would seem that not enough is understood about the whys and whats and hows. Even less is known of the benefits of taking what's in your cup and using it for something more than sipping!

Whether you choose our teas for what's in your cup, follow our journey as we unveil the secrets the plants have hidden, or try your hand at what we strive to create, you can't go wrong. You'll find love and laughter here. Hearts filled with joy, waiting to be shared with you and yours. Then, you will see just how delightful tea is....indeed, it makes life a rhapsody!

♥, Trish


Begin your journey...

And what better way than to start with our blog! You'll be introduced to our teas, you can search through our findings, and most of all, you'll find it an incredible resource for trekking along in your tea-filled journey!