A life long love affair with Tea.

Tea has forever been a part of my life. My first memories of tea were with my Auntie Yaya. Each day she would invite me to sit at her table where she would have warm Cuban crackers slathered with sweet guava paste and a pot of peppermint tea. ("Yerba buena," she called it.) Mmm...so good! And, although she passed away when I was very young, the love for tea had been firmly planted.

A few years later, I acquired two grandmothers. One, English. One, Chinese. (Both my parents were orphaned.) Oh! What different worlds they came from; but, how much they loved "taking" tea. Through them I learned the art of Tea with Milk, Scones and Clotted Cream, Gong fu, and paring Tea with Cigars. By the time I was in college, they, too, had transitioned on; but, made sure that my love for tea was firmly grounded and ever growing.

Over the course of time, I found tea to be soothing, healing, quieting, enlivening, and beautifying. It has made trying times whimsical, the din of life melodious, and every day a rhapsody! So there you have it. Tea. It's Rhapsody. Not merely sipping, but a way of living life - enthusiastically!

Tea Rhapsody...with Trish

♥ I love people. ♥ I love teas & herbs & nature. ♥ I really love helping people connect to those teas & herbs & aspects of nature that they are longing to find. ♥ I know there are a lot of tea companies out there but there's just one me. (: And, if my 20+ years of learning, trying, using, acquiring, concocting, and creating herbal goodness can be a blessing to just one person? Well, now, THAT would be something I would really, truly love! ♥

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Does tea intrigue you? Do herbs entice you? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to harness the power of Mother Nature? The plants have a song you were meant to dance to & that cuppa tea longs to inspire you. Come with me, you'll see, just how wonderful life can be!