The Finest of Teas

Tea Rhapsody is ever diligent in bringing you the finest of teas, tisanes, herbs, and tea based products. Using only the best ingredients - from organic to wild-crafted; purchasing from only the most humane sources - slave-free & fair trade only; and crafting with the utmost care - your enjoyment is our number one priority! ♥

The Best of Tea Time

Whether you're setting up a tea for two or a tea-themed luncheon for two hundred, Tea Rhapsody is at your service to walk you every step of the way. From our tried-and true recipes to our do-it-yourself creations down to our to-do's and checklists, you've found your one-stop-shop for making your tea time the best time ever!

The World of Tea awaits you

From the hills of Darjeeling to the pristine lands of Africa; from the mountain tops of China to the lush green gardens of Japan; from the herbal rich grounds of Mexico to the beautiful tea farms of the USA, the wonderful world of tea is awash with splendour! And, we at Tea Rhapsody want you to have it all. By way of interviews, articles, and monthly showcases of the movers and shakers of the Tea World, you're sure to wow your friends with your tea knowledge while keeping your fingers on the heartbeat of this incredible industry!

Herbal Tisane: 
Apricot Cinnamon Swirl

The finest ingredients make the best cuppa tea.

If you're favorite cuppa tea comes from a box, store shelf, or drive-thru, you'll find no judging here. But, if ever you're willing to step outside your comfort zone, we're sure to have a tea for which you'll fall head over heals! And, if you're one who has never had a bagged tea in your tea-steeping life, you'll find yourself quite at home here. In fact, we're sure you'll find yourself sipping the sublime every time you choose Tea Rhapsody!

Tea made with love. ♥

You've heard that delightful little quote, "tea is a hug in a cup." We'd go so far as to say that tea is love in a cup! For when it comes to all things tea, we'd wager that your heart grows big, your face lights up, and you're sure to be caught smiling from ear to ear. (That's how you'll find us! ☺) With that said, you can know that every bit of love we have goes into each and every ounce of tea created, blended, and packaged for you. xxoo


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